The War For Minds…..

This site is dedicated to Amikah
...a trusted friend, ally, MK-Ultra survivor & truth exposer.

Her guts and fearlessness has inspired thousands,
not just when she was living in an Earth Body,
but also as she continues helping those who seek her assistance and council
24-7 from the other side of the veil.

July 27, 1955 – July 18, 2008

What you see, hear, smell and feel may not be real….
What you don’t see, hear, smell and feel may be VERY real…..
It boggles the mind,
It bends the mind,
It expands the mind to contemplate…..

Control the thoughts and you control the bodies,
Control the bodies and you control the outcomes,
Control the outcomes and you control History.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Whoever has the control, has the power!

(~Laura Lee Mistycah~)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“Red is Gray and Yellow White.....
But we decide which is right, and which is an illusion…..”

(The Moody Blues)

Entry 12-12-14

Many years ago I thought the BIG war in the Universe was "a war for souls"….. (I was quickly corrected on that by Hal, and have since gotten much more savvy on how this all works through a plethora of personal experience.)

Here is the bottom line -- If you can control someone’s mind, you have it all… All that a controlled body/being is or has can be yours... you can get them to do things they normally would not do, you can get them to do things you don’t want to, (yes, you can get them to do all your “dirty work”) …and yes, you can even get them to give you their soul…..

Thus it all begins and ends here… with control of the mind.

~More Extreme Mind-Control Information~

Magnus Olsson Interviews:

*25 minutes - Interview with Businessman/Implant Recipient Magnus Olsson on Russia Today – This video is packed with the latest technology- the uses & especially the covert abuses of it.

*30 minutes - Vemo Video interview with Magnus Olsson – reveals how he got his implantation from a hospital visit.

Food for Thought from Unenslaved2012 productions:

*11 minutes - Organic Robotoids among us

*32 minutes - Synthetic People

Human Resources / Metanoia Films:

*Human Resources – An excellent 2010 documentary on the history behind MK Ultra programs by seasoned Film Maker Scott Noble. He dedicated this film to his aunt who was used in mind control experiments done at Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal. - -

*Scott did another outstanding film called Psy War -

Now For Something A Little Different:

*5 minute Humorous viewpoint with some authentic information - By Mark Dice

*A rare 28 minute 1958 interview (found on truthtube111) with Mike Wallace and author Aldus Huxley of "Brave New World" - it’s interesting to see how things have exponentially advanced decade by decade, and his concerns for the planet were very prophetic. It is also synchronistic that Aldus died Nov. 22nd 1963, the same day President Kennedy and C.S. Lewis died.

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